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The United States Statutes at Large from 1973-1994

Congress.gov is now OCRing the official Statutes at Large compilation, covering Congress's Generation X era of 1973-1994.

Fast Government

An initiative that "aims to examine the cross-pollination of talent and innovative ideas between the public and private sectors. It is a home for stories about leaders who are bringing entrepreneurial zeal to state, federal, and local agencies and offices. This section will also explore the ways government service helped shape the careers of business leaders at some of the world’s most innovative companies."


Nafundi's mission is to create technologies that improve the lives of the underserved. Our current focus is designing, building, deploying, and supporting mobile data collection systems that work well in challenging environments (e.g., offline villages in rural Kenya, humid rain forests in Brazil, and even the International Space Station). Nafundi's CEO, Yaw Anokwa, co-founded the Open Data Kit (ODK) project. ODK replaces paper forms with smartphones and tablets and the platform has been used by thousands of organizations like the Gates Foundation, USAID, World Health Organization, and the Jane Goodall Institute to collect billions of data points. Nafundi's principals, Yaw Anokwa and Hélène Martin, are lead maintainers on Open Data Kit. They manage a team of developers, implementers, and trainers who work across countries and sectors to design, build, deploy and support data collection tools for a wide variety of clients.


SMARTFISH H2020 is an international research project which aims to develop, test and promote a suite of high-tech systems for the EU fishing sector.


At Hivisasa, we believe that societies function best when information flows freely among people. This is why we've created Africa's first crowdsourced news site. Our innovative platform allows you not just to discover untold stories but also write your own.


Reset how you publish with Hypergraph (Beta) Document your research journey step by step, before hindsight happens. Easier for you, better for science. Hypergraph (Beta) is free-to-play, free-to-access, and will have some rough edges. By using it, you can help improve it.

The HALO Trust

Clearing mines & Helping Countries Recover “We use a combination of machine learning on satellite imagery, GIS and field surveys,” says Luan Jaupi, who heads up information and communications technology at HALO

The Institute for Digital Public Infrastructure

iDPI looks to move beyond "fixing" existing internet infrastructures like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and asks what we might build if we constructed digital spaces for the public good instead.


FastFWD is a partnership among The City of Philadelphia, GoodCompany Group, a social enterprise accelerator, and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative.

Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions: Catching the Deliberative Wave by OECD

Public authorities from all levels of government increasingly turn to Citizens' Assemblies, Juries, Panels and other representative deliberative processes to tackle complex policy problems ranging from climate change to infrastructure investment decisions. They convene groups of people representing a wide cross-section of society for at least one full day – and often much longer – to learn, deliberate, and develop collective recommendations that consider the complexities and compromises required for solving multifaceted public issues. This "deliberative wave" has been building since the 1980s, gaining momentum since around 2010. This report has gathered close to 300 representative deliberative practices to explore trends in such processes, identify different models, and analyse the trade-offs among different design choices as well as the benefits and limits of public deliberation. It includes Good Practice Principles for Deliberative Processes for Public Decision Making, based on comparative empirical evidence gathered by the OECD and in collaboration with leading practitioners from government, civil society, and academics. Finally, the report explores the reasons and routes for embedding deliberative activities into public institutions to give citizens a more permanent and meaningful role in shaping the policies affecting their lives. Less Published on June 10, 2020

Good Tech Fest

If you're new to the Good Tech Fest community, we work to utilize data and technology for social impact. Unlike other nonprofit or social sector technology conferences, we are very much focused on program and field technologies. Basically, how can we use technology to further our mission?

Not 911

Community Based Alternatives to the Police Not911 is designed to direct you to New York City-based organizations that offer counseling, mediation and intervention services.

Open mHealth

Want To Use Mobile Health Data AND Have It To Make Sense? Get Started With Open Mhealth Today.


The e-LIberate / openDCN tool supports synchronous online deliberation with the goal of making decisions. It can be seen as an advanced chat where the times and modes of interaction are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, a set of meeting rules that were designed to support equitable decision-making. This tool is intended to support groups of people who work together synchronously on specific issues or bound domains. 2003 e-Liberate is an online software application that facilitates online meetings utilizing standardized rules of discourse.

Bloomberg Cities Global Mayors Challenge

The 2021 Global Mayors Challenge is the farthest reaching, most ambitious to date. After uncovering the 50 most innovative urban solutions in the wake of COVID-19, the Challenge will award 15 grand prize winners $1 million each—to help cities implement their breakthrough ideas and, ultimately, to spread those ideas to other cities on a global scale.


PLACE is a non-profit data trust that creates and stewards hyperlocal mapping data for a membership community that is open to all and serves the public interest.

Platform Commons

4 million Users & Beneficiaries, 22 NGOs & Social Enterprises, 16 Indian States

Liberating Voices Pattern Language

The Liberating Voices pattern language is intended to help us develop the social imagination we need to better face the future as engaged and empowered citizens. Browse the patterns in the book or see all of the patterns in the pool environment.

ICT Evidence Portal Africa

Research ICT Solutions Ltd. is a boutique consultancy based in Canada and South Africa. Started in 2013, we have built a select list of clients who need simple but effective tools to make better decisions. RIS targets the policy and regulatory intersection between policy makers, regulators and the private sector. Our clients range from country regulators, international donor organisations to multi-national companies like Facebook.

Whose Streets report

Whose Streets report

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Harvard report on “smart city” technology risks to civil liberties.

Reimagining the Internet

We're talking to some of the most exciting scholars, activists, journalists, and entrepreneurs in our field about what's wrong with social media and how to fix it.

Profiles in Public Service

Profiles in Public Service tells the compelling stories about the unsung public servant leaders who have driven government’s most important accomplishments.

San Francisco Public Voice Civic User Testing Program

By CivicMakers: The City [of SF] turned to CivicMakers to create a new program, Public Voice SF, that allows any San Francisco department or agency to connect to a diverse group of community members, collect real-time feedback, and use the input to improve City services.


A platform built for accessible and consensus-driven public consultation, harnessing machine learning to derive quality insights. Cornell Tech Studio project

FHI Studio

Thoughtful engagement with decision-makers, stakeholders, and the general public provides the foundation for sound planning, successful projects, and better communities.


Democratizing information about the legal system

Fair Maps beer

Fair Maps beer

United States of America (the)

The front of each can of Fair Maps IPA shows Wisconsin's state legislative and congressional districts prior to 2011, then the back reveals the drastic change in election maps after the last round of redistricting.

LA's Angeleno Account

LA's Angeleno Account

Los Angeles, CA

With the Beta launch of the Angeleno Account, the City of Los Angeles is building the foundation for a common account to access your City apps.

Native Land

A world map displaying the locations of indigenous peoples whose lands have been taken


Gong is a civic megaphone that hinders corruption and builds a more democratic, just and equal society.

Local News Lab @ The Brown Institute

Local News Lab @ The Brown Institute

Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

The Brown Institute’s Local News Lab is a new team of engineers, designers, data scientists, and journalists, working to build AI-powered, open-source products to help support local newsrooms and their businesses.

Stripe Climate

Stripe Climate

San Francisco

With Stripe Climate, you can direct a fraction of your revenue to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies in just a few clicks. Join a growing group of ambitious businesses changing the course of carbon removal.

My Constitution South Africa

This edition of the South African Constitution has been specially created to be easy to access, read, print and distribute.

la Escuela de Activismo Digital (EAD)

Fundación Ciudadanía Inteligente's Escuela de Activismo Digital (School of Digital Activism) is an e-learning platform to train emerging leaders in Latin America in digital activism methodologies.


We’re power sector experts who gather, curate and analyse data to empower climate campaign organisations. Our data & analysis helps to shape the global narrative on coal.

Public Innovation Academy

Academy includes outcomes-driven online trainings for anyone, anywhere onthe essential skills and tools for making an impact in the 21st Century.


In ever changing times, it is important for every citizen to have their voice heard. Polliticly is the app that lets you find your voice by tailoring polls and questions that relate to pressing issues in your community and then sends results of those polls to your local elected officials.

Tracking the Backlash

openDemocracy’s Tracking the Backlash project is a groundbreaking, global, feminist investigative journalism initiative dedicated to exposing and challenging organised threats to women’s and LGBTIQ rights.

WE Be Imagining Podcast

The We Be Imagining Podcast examines the intersection of race, tech, surveillance, gender and disability in the COVID-19 era.



Brooklyn, NY

Numina measures all kinds of curb-level activity. Anonymously and in aggregate, Numina delivers the volume counts, paths, and traffic behaviors of travelers and objects in streets.

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