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596 Acres

596 Acres built tools to help neighbors see vacant lots as opportunities and create needed green spaces that become focal points for community organizing and civic engagement.

Urban Technology at University of Michigan

Tracking the development and thinking of the newest undergraduate program at UM's Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning

Poznan's Smart City app

After the installation, users can decide which messages they want to receive. Then, they will start getting notifications, assigned to one of six categories: alarms (emergencies), safety (e.g. meteorological warnings), breakdowns (e.g. water and sewage), housing estate (neighbourhood messages directed from individual housing estate councils), air (smog reports, exceeded dust particle limits, free communication), transport (road works, communication difficulties).

Urban Reviewer

Urban Reviewer catalogs over 150 urban renewal plans that NYC adopted to get federal funding for acquiring land, relocating the people living there, demolishing the structures and making way for new public and private development.

Global Innovation Collaborative

A collaboration between Berlin, London, New York and Paris to leverage our collective innovation and speed our recovery from Covid-19

COVID In Boston

With the onset of COVID, BARI has sought to construct a data-support system for a city during a pandemic–both to serve our local communities and to act as a model for others across the country.

What the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed

An interactive reconstruction of the destruction of a thriving, Black-owned neighborhood that reconstructs a sense of place

El Observatorio de Ciudades

Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño del Tecnológico de Monterrey; es un espacio queofrece información actual y útil que permite el análisis, medición yevaluación de las ciudades mexicanas, para incidir en la planeación y latoma de decisiones que contribuirán a mejorar la calidad de vida urbana delas personas.

LA's Angeleno Account

With the Beta launch of the Angeleno Account, the City of Los Angeles is building the foundation for a common account to access your City apps.

Berlin Open Source

This page provides an overview of open source projects that are developed, commissioned or funded by public administrations in the state of Berlin. With this offer, we want to improve the transparency of the public IT landscape and invite the digital community in Berlin and beyond to work collaboratively on the development of good software for our city. Diese Seite bietet einen Überblick über Open Source-Projekte, die von öffentlichen Verwaltungen im Land Berlin entwickelt, beauftragt oder gefördert werden. Mit diesem Angebot möchten wir die Transparenz der öffentlichen IT-Landschaft verbessern und die Digital-Community in Berlin und darüber hinaus einladen, kollaborativ an der Entwicklung guter Software für unsere Stadt zu arbeiten.

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