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Global Atlas of AVs in Cities

We spent 2017 scouring the globe to understand how cities are preparing for AVs The cities in this Atlas represent the vanguard of urban governments that are hosting tests, developing their own autonomous vehicle (AV) pilots, making plans and policy, and monitoring developments in AV technologies, uses, and markets. We are continually adding cities to the Atlas as we learn about new AV initiatives. However, because our focus here is on helping cities learn from each other, this map only covers AV pilots and policymaking efforts where city, municipal, or metropolitan governments are playing a substantial role. We included cities where we found evidence that the city government is setting goals, mobilizing resources, and providing oversight and evaluation for AV efforts. That’s why some important efforts organized by industry and national and state/provincial governments are not shown. In rare instances where a city does not meet this standard yet, but possesses a globally significant portfolio of AV innovation assets, we include it.

MetroLab Network's Data Governance Initiative

The task force is creating multi-faceted policy and practice tools to inform, guide, and facilitate responsible data governance by cities and counties

City of Sacramento Participatory Budgeting

On June 15, 2021, the Sacramento City Council approved the use of up to $1 million in Measure U funds for residents to propose ideas and vote on project concepts.


ACT NOW is an international programme run by The Innovation in Politics Institute, which supports local politicians in tackling the current challenges they face, such as migration flows, the climate crisis, and increasing social division resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

European Capital of Democracy

The European Capital of Democracy Initiative will build a strong network of Cities that will foster participation; a platform for hope, and for exercising the will and power to change our world for the better.


ClearRoad provides cloud-based solutions to keep roads well-maintained and well-managed Schedule a demo

Artificial Intelligence in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust

by Brandusescu, Ana, Department of Geography McGill University Reia, Jess, School of Data Science University of Virginia


Plan✕ is a platform for creating and publishing digital planning services. It aims to make planning less hard work, for everyone.


The Sage project will design and build a new kind of national-scale reusable cyberinfrastructure to enable AI at the edge.

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