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Callisto Vault

A suite of tools designed to help survivors navigate barriers and define their own pathways toward healing and justice. Within Callisto Vault, survivors can access two tools: the Matching System and Encrypted Record Form.

Debunk Bot (@DebunkBotAfrica)

A bot that debunks claims shared on social media by sharing a fact check.


A public engagement toolkit that enables a media house or civil society organisation to easily set up channels for engagement.

Harassment Manager

Harassment Manager is a web application that aims to empower users to document and take action on abuse targeted at them on online platforms.

PromiseTracker (Code for Africa)

Promise Tracker is a tool designed to help journalists and civil society watchdogs track campaign/promises/pledges by government officials


WordPress For News Organizations


An interactive map to show the billions worth of properties that went from state-owned to privately owned in recent years, together with K Monitor


PesaYetu helps journalists, researchers and activists transform their work with in-depth county-specific information.

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