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Project Dokaz Alliance

This project brings together leading innovators from the international criminal law community with pioneers in the Web3 ecosystem to develop secure and resilient solutions for accountability in Ukraine.

Projection bombing guide

“Projection bombing”, a technique pioneered by marketing agencies and more recently embraced by activists where a message is projected onto a building.

Project Certeza

First deployed on Election Day in 2018, Project Certeza’s purpose was to identify and deal with false information disseminated, particularly through social networks but also through any other media, that could produce uncertainty or distrust in the citizenry about the electoral authority’s responsibilities as the election is happening.

Project Red String

Project Red String is an interactive tool that maps the relationships between key power players in New York City. It is both a database of power players in New York City politics and a searchable campaign finance tool that tracks their donations in the 2021 New York City election cycle. You can: search for any candidate that is currently running for office in New York City's 2021 elections and see a list of power players that have donated to their campaign, search for power players and see their associations, such as their job or organizational affiliations, and their recent City donation history, and sort power players by their categories (e.g. candidates, press, city officials)

Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe works to extend free wifi across low-income communities in South Africa and runs the Tobetsa content portal.

Project Shield

Project Shield uses Google’s infrastructure to protect independent news sites from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), a type of digital attack that exploits thousands or even millions of computers to overwhelm a website’s servers and take it offline.

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