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PARTIMAP is a free, easy to use and customizable map-based survey for those who believe that affected citizens should have a say in public development projects.



United Kingdom

Hate speech tool for monitoring, analysing and tackling Anti-Muslim hatred online



Sri Lanka

A platform to consolidate emergency medical needs across a country, create aid packages of medicines and supplies, centralize supplier quotations, select most cost-effective supplier, and match donors willing to fund aid packages.


Open source identity solution. "Our vision is that every person on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth"

Trusted Voices

Trusted Voices is a platform focused on increasing transparency in news media. Using blockchain technology, Trusted Voices tracks source material to create a chain of custody from the device used to capture content to its usage on various media platforms.


What if we worked together to enable learner sovereignty, mobility and agency?


Google's open-sourced Mediapipe-based library to redact faces from videos and images

Misinformation exposure

Misinformation exposure scores measure how much the politicians and public organizations you follow tend to lie (based on fact-checking their claims by PolitiFact).

Last 100 Bills

Last 100 Bills

New York, NY

@last100bills is a Twitter bot that posts daily breakdowns of the 100 most recent bills introduced in the US government using data from

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