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We take planning proposals out of city hall and onto their urban context, seamlessly communicating projects with a large, diverse audience to win community support while crowdsourcing stakeholders' feedback.


Numina measures all kinds of curb-level activity. Anonymously and in aggregate, Numina delivers the volume counts, paths, and traffic behaviors of travelers and objects in streets.

Detroit Urban Solutions

Bringing organizations in Detroit together for cross-sector collaboration on urban innovation.

Municipales App

A l’occasion des élections de 2020, Municipales.app dote le citoyen d’outils pour comprendre le débat, y participer et exprimer sa voix. Participez au changement !


Six European cities are looking for #AI solutions to accelerate carbon neutrality using pre-commercial procurement.


A design study and report on how digital technology is changing how we design cities


Noise pollution nonprofit and creators of the Medusa noise sensors being deployed in Paris

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