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Project Tech4Dev

Enabling NGOs to get the most out of technology

Project Dokaz Alliance

Project Dokaz Alliance

450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

This project brings together leading innovators from the international criminal law community with pioneers in the Web3 ecosystem to develop secure and resilient solutions for accountability in Ukraine.

Projection bombing guide

“Projection bombing”, a technique pioneered by marketing agencies and more recently embraced by activists where a message is projected onto a building.

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

POGO, 1100 G Street NW, Suite 500, Washington DC, 20005

An organization dedicated to investigating corruption, injustice, and abuse of power in the federal government and advocating for reforms.

Project on Government Secrecy

Project on Government Secrecy

Project on Government Secrecy, Federation of American Scientists, 1725 DeSales Street, NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20036

Project Polis

We aspire to build a new kind of political training and development, that leverages network effects, enables more self-directed learning, and is radically more practical. Alumnis will innovate the political sphere, and gain influence by doing so.

Project Certeza

Project Certeza

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

First deployed on Election Day in 2018, Project Certeza’s purpose was to identify and deal with false information disseminated, particularly through social networks but also through any other media, that could produce uncertainty or distrust in the citizenry about the electoral authority’s responsibilities as the election is happening.

Project Look Sharp Media Curriculum

Project Look Sharp is a nonprofit, mission-driven outreach program of Ithaca College.

Project Red String

Project Red String is an interactive tool that maps the relationships between key power players in New York City. It is both a database of power players in New York City politics and a searchable campaign finance tool that tracks their donations in the 2021 New York City election cycle. You can: search for any candidate that is currently running for office in New York City's 2021 elections and see a list of power players that have donated to their campaign, search for power players and see their associations, such as their job or organizational affiliations, and their recent City donation history, and sort power players by their categories (e.g. candidates, press, city officials)

Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe works to extend free wifi across low-income communities in South Africa and runs the Tobetsa content portal.

Project Callisto

Project Callisto

United States of America (the)

Project Callisto helps survivors of sexual assualt and harrasment on college campuses document sexual assault, seek counseling, and start an investigation.

Project Lemon Aid

Project Lemon Aid matches people awaiting trial behind bars with pro bono lawyers who can represent their case.

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart

Vote Smart, 1153 24th Street, Des Moines, IA 50311, USA

Vote Smart provides free, unbiased, in-depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. Non-partisan and nonprofit since 1988.

Project Open Data (Obama Administration)

Project Open Data (Obama Administration)

United States of America (the)

Open Data Policy — Managing Information as an Asset

Project for Placemaking

Our placemaking blog connects people who share a passion for public spaces to ideas and issues, news, places, and events that have come out of the placemaking movement.

Project Mobilize

Project Mobilize is a network of leaders working to create change both within the current systems and organizations that already exist as well as investing in new ideas on the local, state and national level that will break through the stagnate and partisan rhetoric in order to create a more unified, inclusive and forward-thinking nation.

Project Open Air

We are working on medical devices, to have a fast and easy solution that can be reproduced and assembled locally worldwide.

Project Shield

Project Shield

New York, NY

Project Shield uses Google’s infrastructure to protect independent news sites from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), a type of digital attack that exploits thousands or even millions of computers to overwhelm a website’s servers and take it offline.

Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect

25 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA

Project Homeless Connect connects San Franciscans experiencing homelessness with the care they need to move forward.

Project Defenders Sustainable Emergency Grants

Any NGO, human rights or media organisation that faces threats due to the work they are doing, can apply for this grant.

Project Galileo

Project Galileo

101 Townsend St San Francisco, CA 94107

If you are an organization working in the arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy, you can apply for Project Galileo to get Cloudflare’s cybersecurity protection

Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown

San Francisco

Each solution reduces greenhouse gases by avoiding emissions and/or by sequestering carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

AI Democracy Projects

The AI Democracy Projects engage the implications of AI systems and tools, including predictive algorithms, machine learning, and frontier models, for democratic society.

Innovate Project Project Use Cases

Internet of Things pilots to improve quality of life in London neighborhoods

WikiProject Medicine

WP:MED as it is known aims to manage and help in curation of Wikipedia's medical articles.

UnBlocked Cash Project

Oxfam’s UnBlocked Cash project (UBC) is a blockchain-powered cash transfer solution that is set to tackle this challenge. It is saving costs of distributing aid, reducing delivery times, and bringing more transparency and accountability in the process. It offers an opportunity to improve how aid is delivered without compromising the dignity of beneficiaries.

The Computational Democracy Project

The Computational Democracy Project designs, engineers and maintains Polis, an open source, real-time system for gathering, analyzing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words, enabled by advanced statistics and machine learning.

OpenAI Partnership with American Journalism Project to support local news

A new $5+ million partnership aims to explore ways the development of artificial intelligence (AI) can support a thriving, innovative local news field, and ensure local news organizations shape the future of this emerging technology.

American Journalism Project

American Journalism Project

Washington D.C., DC, USA

We are a venture philanthropy investing in and building digital nonprofit newsrooms that are governed by, are sustained by, and look like the public they serve.

Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP)

OpenITP improves and increases the distribution of open source anti-surveillance and anti-censorship tools by providing the communities behind these tools with many kinds of support.

Sitra Digital power and democracy project

The project produces information on new forms of digital power and enables people to make a difference in matters that are important to them.

Global Media and Internet Concentration Project

Tracking two-dozen communication, Internet and media markets in nearly 40 countries.

The Definitive Final Project Report Library

This library of final reports from grant funded projects in the deep tech and research space is a great place to find relevant information without having to write it all yourself!

The Public Good Projects

We use science and technology to tackle today’s most pressing public health issues.

Customer Experience Projects

The Biden Administration's approach to human-centered design to re-orient government around a core set of "life experience" personas

Free Law Project

Free Law Project

Oakland, California

Free Law Project is the leading nonprofit using software, data, and advocacy to make the legal ecosystem more equitable and competitive.

The Collective Intelligence Project

Our mission is to direct technological development towards the collective good.

The Opportunity Project for Cities

The Opportunity Project for Cities puts open data to work. We bring together governments, community leaders, and tech volunteers to address local challenges through the power of open data and community engagement.

HX Project

Short for “human experience,” HX is an approach to talking about, engaging with, and designing technology in a way that is aligned with our needs as humans — not users.

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